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Over 15 Years Of Experience


With the cost of outside entertainment on the rise, people are looking more for in-home enjoyment like Pinball Machines and Arcade Games.  There's nothing like that distinct sound of chimes on an old pinball machine or the familiar Pac-Man tune.  Maybe you would like to own one, or perhaps you have a game in storage or in your garage which unfortunately fell victim to the "it just quit working one day" dilemma?  Well, that's where we come in.  We are a home-based family business conveniently located in PEARLAND - south of Houston, Texas.  You can come to us or we can come to you.  


We repair both Digital & Electro-Mechanical Pinball machines including Bally, Williams, Stern, and Gottlieb.   You will find that most repair shops will not touch Electro-Mechanical (EM) machines, however, you have come to the right place if your machine has actual score reels- as we specialize in their repair.   If it is a jukebox that is giving you problems, we will gladly repair pre-1960 Seeburg, Wurlitzer, Rock-ola, & AMI machines.  Another highly collectible machine, the slot machine, has been known to give its owners trouble due to jamming up or not paying out.  If you own a post 1920s Mills Slot Machine, it is also something we service.

In short, if it's coin-operated, we can fix it!

Servicing Your Machine



When your pinball machine is ready to be serviced, it first goes through a rigorous cleaning.  The extensive cleaning process of a pinball machine takes in excess of 8 hours to complete.  The components are stripped off the playfield.  The playfield is cleaned, polished, & waxed.  The components are cleaned.  Damaged and broken parts are replaced as needed.  Lamps are also replaced as needed.  A new rubber kit is installed, as well as a new ball or balls.  We believe in a thorough shop job including cleaning underneath the front apron as well as under all plastics and back corners.  Any amount of dirt left on the playfield can make the play less effective.  Ramps under the playfield are also removed and cleaned, and the inside of the cabinet is vacuumed.

After the machine is cleaned and all parts are reassembled, the machine is then ready for repair.  The electronics are checked and repaired on Solid State Games.  On EM games, each contact is checked and is adjusted accordingly to ensure it is properly functioning.  There are literally hundreds of contacts on an EM machine.  Having just one contact out of adjustment could make the whole game inoperable!

If you are having a selection issue with your jukebox, or if it just doesn't sound the way it used to (a hum or muffled sound) we can help.  If you need parts for your jukebox or even a new needle, we will do our best to get you those items.  When the problem is something that needs to be traced down, the repair will be charged on an hourly rate.  There is a fixed rate on recapping amplifiers.


We have the most experience with Mills Slot Machines, although we will consider repair on other models.  The repair will be charged at an hourly rate.  If parts are needed for your slot machine, we will do our best to find those items.

We provide a 90 day warranty as long as the machine is in a climate controlled environment.  Having a machine inside a garage that has varying hot-cold temperatures could have an adverse affect on the performance of the game, therefore it cannot be warrantied.

When your clean, fully functional machine is delivered/picked-up, details concerning proper maintenance will be explained to you.  If your machine was inoperable, we will explain what we needed to do in order to get your machine working again.  We will be glad to answer any questions/concerns you may have.

Working To Preserve Our Arcade Legacy


We are coin-op enthusiasts.  We get much joy bringing an inoperable machine "back from the dead".  Because of the passion we have for keeping the industry "alive", you can be sure that you will get the care you desire from us.  We strive to make you 100% happy with the job you have hired us to do.

Our motto:  "We don't fix the problem, we repair the machine".



Always looking to buy quality coin-operated machines:  Pinball, Jukebox, Gumball, Slots, Trade Stimulators, Fortune Tellers, and others!

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